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“You act as though I’ve never met Gods before. Though to be fair. You’re too different to be one of those. Then again. Those weren’t really, on Earth… Or from this solar system….” He trailed off. The Doctor got the door, holding it for Loki. Seeing his reflexion, he reflexively straightened his bowtie. He shrugged, looking over the man again before continuing. “Then again, people lie. So you could be lying. Judging from the dialation of pupils, you are lying, that or your just enjoy company my that much. In which I am flattered. To be a hundred percent honest, I’d rather you lie to me and I just accept it, call you Loki, rather than just call you… well nothing.” A smile grew across his face at that. That perpetual smile. It did change to convey entirely emotions, but there was still that smile. Right now it was saying, ‘I knew you’ve been lying this whole time, frankly I don’t care.’ He slipped into the building. He’d preffer sitting inside, watching people as they passed by, not to mention that he didn’t want passerbys to know what they were talking about.

Gabriel thought that he had, in some odd way, extended an invitation to the Doctor. To do something different, test some boundaries perhaps. Yes, he had wanted that, be challenged differently and mess about with showing off a thing or two.  Either it had just flown entirely over the Doctor’s head, or the man simply didn’t care for such a display. He was guessing it was the first, always seemed more likely that some people, let alone those who are absorbed in the sound of their voice, just didn’t get it. Such a pity.

He could force it, will them somewhere different the moment they entered and then leave it at that, only for the slightest reaction. Ah but damn, right, this wasn’t about that at all. His focus of interest had shifted considerably. His curiosity about the species of man remained, curiosity fueled by the old look the man carried, the otherworldly sense that clung to him. “Nope, just stuck to plain boring old Earth.” there his smile was again, “a sense of fun is so abstract.” Gabriel muttered to himself, everyone was always a critique no matter what you did or liked or spoke about. Giving the Doctor’s words another thought, Gabriel walked past him and entered. “Well I did just say I am Loki, if you knew a thing or two about the history behind my name, is that not what I do?” He sat down somewhere, and couldn’t help but wander if it would be left at that. He himself felt that at least he had all the space to prod and poke the other man, find out a little more. He got the feeling it was worth it.

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“It’s a natural progression when everyone tends to know you, and people you killed are coming back to life,” Sam replied easily, looking to the other with a shrug.  ”Getting on edge goes with that pretty easily.  I’d rather be on edge, than not and dead.” He paused, considering it, and couldn’t stop the small smile.  ”Though, I suppose I would be more relaxed dead than any other state of being.” 

“You would twist the words for your own joke, but it wouldn’t change me,” He replied simply, looking to the other with a frown, shaking his head.  ”Okay, no, all of the world is not after me.  And I’d like-” He paused.  Did he want to stay living? He could just walk into death’s hands this way…no.  No.  He was being good.  He was staying alive.  ”Because I don’t know what they’re aiming for.  I don’t know what they’re planning.  My death, or…anything.” He shrugged, shifting the bag again.  ”I see you laid low when people were after you.  It’s just the smart thing to try to do.  This place…too many people know me.  It’s unnerving.”  He didn’t know why he was even saying all of this, and gave the other an odd look after a moment as he realized it.

Sam, no, that was a terrible attempt at humor. Yet Gabriel couldn’t help the small relieved smile that reached his own face either. “We can test that.” He mumbled thoughtfully. Now he wouldn’t really kill Sam. There was no point or reason to. Sam just looked like he could use the rest, preferable one that was similar to putting someone in stasis. To battle the pesky side-effects of awareness and consciousness. He shook his head instead, it was a good idea and likely not appreciated by anyone.

"It doesn’t matter what my fun would change in you. You’re too far gone for me to care." At that Gabriel shrugged, not disguising his lack of care in that department. He made sure to keep listening, somewhat absently roaming trough products nearby. Who would even buy this crap? His full attention only returned when Sam suddenly stopped, and then continued in a entirely different manner. All he did in responds was tilt his head. Surprise crossed his features when Sam then used him as a sort of example. "Okay I get it, rational paranoia, blah blah." Gabriel stepped in front of Sam with a cocked brow and unimpressed look. "So why’re really telling me this, huh?" There was no way that Gabriel would buy ‘I don’t know’ as a valid reply to that question. What right did he actually have to ask that, when he should ask himself a similar question. 


Crowley, for his part, was doing quite well at keeping his calm, amused exterior up. He watched Gabriel carefully, looking for any signs of malice or ill-intent. When he saw none, he gave the tiniest shrug, leaning back in his chair. So maybe the archangel wasn’t here to fuck with him, and this actually was coincidence. Stranger things had happened. Still, better to keep up his guard, and play the game.

When the waitress came back around, Crowley glanced over at his companion, tilting his head slightly. “I’ll have a plate of rumaki, thank you, and I believe my friend here would enjoy the buried treasure sundae.”

Gabriel continued to watch him from the corner of his eyes, gently drumming on the bottle he had. The man didn’t have such a bad taste. You know, for a demon. His vessel seemed to be picked with care, the suit said enough about that as well. These things stood out to Gabriel as perhaps a little odd. As if these demons of high stature tried to impress their surroundings. 

His sense of style, while as mentioned stood out to Gabriel, wasn’t actually the reason for the nagging feeling he had that something was off here, something that made this demon unique to its kind.

The Archangels expression brightened, nodding in approval of the choice Crowley made for him. He didn’t think anything of it other than the other extending him some common courtesy. Crossroad demons were one of a kind. “You seem to know my taste.” Gabriel commented dully, turning in his seat and letting one arm rest on the counter of the bar.Gabriel thanked the waitress when she came back with their orders, not hesitating to dig in right away.  ”You never got back to me on how it went with Cas.” he grinned.

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((God yes~! Q Is my darling, and I’ve always though Gabe and him were rather similar. It works very well indeed. ;D Oh lord, though, if they met….chaos.))

((Oh but only the most wonderful form of chaos! It might come close to the type that rips apart the fabric of the universe, with the antics they could so easily get up to. I had actually been trying to draw them together. It’s fun to meet someone who agrees on the idea >u<

[Edit] and you just gotta Love Q, yes <3))

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((I love you for making that reference.))

((Hoo, a Star Trek fan too then? 

The ref rings very trough tho, Q seems to be my main inspirational source for Gabriel and I just don’t know why. But then it works I suppose. It’s my idea, would they meet, they would be of a kind.))


The Doctor turned walking backwards, which seemed a quite dangerous feat for the man who had just tripped over his own feet a few moment before. “Really? What do you do for fun? I’m sure our ideas differ, mostly because you don’t seem that sort of type. Not that there’s anything wrong with that I mean.” He glanced over his shoulder, keeping an eye out for any possible obstacles. “I’m not actually a coffee person. It tastes weird. And you DO NOT want to see me on enough caffeine. So I think I’ll just have tea.” He said, more or less just to hear himself speak rather than to actually talk to Loki here. 

He focused his attention back on Loki, somehow able to steer clear of obstacles now. Which seemed like a miracle onto it’s self. “So you’re THE Loki, Hmmm? Never met a God before. Well, at least not here. Other planets yes! I try to stay clear all that religion stuff. Wrong time, wrong place. Let the wrong religious phrase slip? Oh you’d be in SO MUCH trouble!” He laughed. The Doctor was at ease now. Perhaps he no longer thought Loki to be a possible challenge. Or maybe he was just acting like himself again. Most likely the later.

Old eyes cast up at a Coffee shop they were passing and the Doctor paused. “Here we are! Close and reasonably priced.” He stopped looking over. “This is good, yeah?” He said, pointing his thumb at the door, his head cantering in the slightest.

These mannerism of the Doctor were a nice change from the usual. Gabriel found himself appreciating that. He simply hopped along with a light skip in his step, looking content. Most of what the Doctor said just went past him, so much to say and so enthusiastically as well. Whatever this creature, it was interesting. “You wouldn’t want to know.” Gabriel couldn’t hide the mischievous gleam in his eyes. “Only very few have the capacity to understand and appreciate it.” His tone sounded pleasantly cheerful.

Oh, that was surprising. He smirked, the mischievous gleam in his eyes growing. Gabriel hadn’t expected the Doctor to actually go and accept his second identity, but then was he even serious about it? He would have to find out, as for now, there was no harm in playing along. “Unless there is another Loki out there dwelling on this planet, that’s me. The one and only, God of trickery and the most fun God you’ll ever be around.” There was pride hidden behind those words, pride he didn’t actively admit to. 

Gabriel looked up at the sign the Doctor was currently pointing at. It wasn’t a bad place, pretty good actually. But he had to go and lose his interest. “So, you’re taking my word for it then?” the words came out without a thought, a tone of pure playfulness ringing trough. His golden eyes observed the man, picking up the little oddities a little more clear. There were things he could sense and notice as he spend time alongside this man. Not yet enough to know what he was. 

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